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Already have your book written and want to get it published? Rethink Press has helped countless authors, just like you, turn their big ideas into a polished, professional and well packaged book that increases interest from your readers, influence in your industry and income from new business.

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If you’re a busy entrepreneur, with an important message that you’d like written as a book, or if you’ve already got a publishing contract and your deadline is looming, we can help. If you can commit 12 hours of your time to the process, our professional writers can get your book written, in your words while you do what you do best.

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Rethink Your Ideas

A book that brings you business begins with a winning idea, powerful title and solid structure. To be a true authority your book needs to say something different. Devise your book idea properly from the start to maximise its impact, make a difference and position yourself as a thought leader.

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View and buy high quality, professionally published books written by our growing team of expert authors, novellists, entrepreneurs and business owners. With a tradition of helping authors publish “Books that Bring Business” since 2003, you’ll be able to see the quality and care that goes into every title.

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Where Are You On Your Author Journey?

Plan Your Book

Many expert entrepreneurs have intangible skills, knowledge and experience that they are not fully leveraging.

In order to write a book that will raise your authority and have a positive impact on your readers, all the great ideas in your head need to come out.

Since 2003 we’ve helped hundreds of entrepeneurs to get more clarity, realise the value of their untapped intellectual property and transform their knowledge and processes into a solid book blueprint, winning title and compelling book concept.

Write Your Book

Some people relish the challenge of writing a book, learning a new skill and developing the writing habit. Others realise the value in having a book written and published but are simply too busy, or genuinely uninterested, in doing the writing themselves.

In either case, the most important thing is to ensure your voice and message gets through loud and clear. Whether you want to join a community of other writers, learn at your own pace, have one-to-one access to a writing coach or simply wish to outsource the writing entirely we can help.

Publish Your Book

Many of the challenges that once prevented most people from getting a book published no longer exist. This is a great opportunity but it also comes with greater responsibility. Now the barriers to entry are all but gone, it means the measure of excellence is higher than ever.

You’ve almost certainly seen a badly published book that, instead of raising the credibility of an author, actually harms their reputation. In our highly connected world, where reviews can make or break you, it’s essential that your book reflects the quality of your message.

Let us help you to make the right impression and raise your profile as a thought leader.

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