Rethink Press builds books that elevate our expert authors. From writing to publishing we ensure your book is the best it can be…

Inside every thought leader and expert there's a powerful message seeking to be shared

The more an expert is tuned into their passion and power, the more attractive, magnetic and exciting they are to be around.

There’s one truism that ignites the interactions and conversations of business people all around the globe – that people buy from people – and inspired ideas form the currency of this transaction.

When these ideas hit home with the right market they do exactly what they’re meant to do: they inspire, illuminate, initiate action and create change.

Rethink’s books capture the inspired ideas of our authors; they transform their passion, personality and systems into a cohesive message and an unmissable proposition.

When it comes to establishing an author’s authority, our books deliver on their promises, providing reassurance, validation and proof.

Rethink’s books act as your herald, your ambassador and your salesperson. Books never sleep. Books are always there when your client needs them. Books go on holiday with your customers and even get into bed with them to spin the dreams of a thousand possible futures.

It’s the inspired ideas of thought leaders that in turn inspire their audiences to make the leap to the next level of their lives.

Through our deep understanding of the expert sector, Rethink has developed an unparalleled ability to distil the best ideas of our authors into books that present their knowledge and experience in a manner that’s simple, unforgettable and dazzlingly effective.

The proof of our success is not only illustrated in the extensive catalogue of authors that we’ve had the pleasure of publishing, but also in the successes, businesses and careers that they have forged time and time again.


Nothing sells you like a book…
And no one builds your book like Rethink.

Rethink Leadership

Rethink Press is born out of the ideas, energy and passion of its two leaders. Both are driven to create opportunities and advancement for our authors – and they love to share in the joyous moment when one sees their book in print for the first time.

Lucy McCarraher

Lucy McCarraher

Lucy is one half of the spark behind the Rethink idea. She’s also the Founder of the Business Book Awards and has years of experience mentoring leaders, experts and entrepreneurs in creating their business book. With 13 books under her own belt, including Bookbuilder and A Book of One’s Own, she has put her first-hand experience into Rethink’s well-honed writing programmes.

Lucy is a sought-after speaker, and her background in publishing, the media, work-life balance and corporate training contributes to her entrepreneurial vision and business management skills.

Joe Gregory

Joe Gregory

Joe is the other half of the Rethink founding team. Originally a graphic designer, copywriter and marketeer, he understands how authors can use books to sell themselves over and over again. Since 2003, he has published over 500 books that have grown businesses, opened doors and elevated the authority of their authors.

Joe believes in the power of books to build businesses, and his next book, Make Your Book Pay, shows authors how to use their books strategically to raise their status, attract opportunities and increase sales.

Rethink's commitment to a better world

Rethink's commitment to a better world

Diversity, inclusion and equality are more than just words for us. They show up in the authors that we publish and in the books they write.

They are the values to which we work and the principles on which we build our teams and grow their strengths. We believe diversity drives innovation and creativity, and makes Rethink Press the leader in our field.

Alongside our commitment to creating inspiring books for leaders in diverse communities, we also believe that education is key to a better world.

  • Every time a new book goes to print, we donate five days of money management training to migrant families in need.
  • When an aspiring author signs up to the Bookbuilder programme, we provide 20 days of literacy and business training for women in Uganda.
  • When authors ask us to donate their book royalties to a charitable cause, we give reading books to children in need.


In partnership with BookMagic, we work with expert writers and coaches whose specialist experience helps create exceptional books for our authors.

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    Nothing sells you like a book... And no one builds your book like Rethink

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      Please tell us more about you, your book, and what you want to achieve