Nothing Sells You Like A Book…

Publish it with Rethink

You’re an expert in your field.
You care about how you show up.
You understand the value of presentation.

You know that people judge you from the first moment.

If you’re going to publish a book, you want it to make a statement that impresses, educates and wins the deal.

Rethink publishes for leaders, experts and entrepreneurs.

It’s all we do.

Anyone can put together a book. But it’s the way we work on every element, from headline story to fine print summary, that gives it the professional edge to cement your authority.


Books built to sell you

Creating a book is a projection of you.

Every time you hand it over, you’re sharing something of yourself. Like the world’s greatest ever business card. Your time, resource and character is engraved on every single page.

That initial impact.

How does your reader feel the moment they receive your book? People say that you should never judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it – everybody does…

Marcia Mantell

"They worked with what I had written, but made it so much better. I was apprehensive working ‘across the pond,’ but it truly was the best experience. Now, book #3 is getting underway with Rethink!"

Marcia Mantell
Jonathan Hemus

"Becoming a bestselling author would have been beyond my wildest dreams two years ago. Rethink’s support, guidance and professionalism have been the foundation for these achievements."

Jonathan Hemus
Kathryn Simpson

"The journey started with an invaluable book planning workshop which enabled me to structure my book effectively. I had full confidence that my book would have an authentic voice."

Kathryn Simpson

Publishing Excellence

Stand out and stand strong with a book that’s going to build your business

Rethink’s practical, straightforward and elegant publishing process takes a less is more approach. We’re talking a smart professional finish with all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. And the elements on the front cover are clearly defined to effortlessly communicate your message.

If you want your book to do the hard work on your behalf, there’s no cutting corners. We take your finely crafted manuscript and beautifully publish it.

Nobody builds your book like Rethink

And we build your book

To build your business

Your book published in as little as 16 weeks…

Your book published in as little as 16 weeks…

Ready to publish your book with Rethink?

Request a consultation with one of our Commissioning Editors – our book-building guides – to go through our streamlined process, from brain to book.

You talk. They listen – and recommend the best way forward for you and your book.

When the call is over, you’ll understand:

  • the options
  • the time involvement
  • the support available
  • the results
  • the investment

Giving you everything you need to know before you take the next step.

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    Nothing sells you like a book... And no one builds your book like Rethink

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      Please tell us more about you, your book, and what you want to achieve