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Rethink Press are the expert book people

Over ten years and hundreds of inspirational books, we’ve designed and refined a streamlined process to take you from authority to author with zero messing around.

Kim Arnold

"Rethink were the perfect partners to guide me through the process of publishing my first book - they’re whip-smart editors, brilliantly creative designers and wise counsel all-in-one!"

Kim Arnold
Sapna Pieroux

"My book has proved to be an invaluable tool to boost credibility with potential clients, charge my worth and attract more speaking engagements. The team at Rethink are brilliant to work with."

Sapna Pieroux
Karen Davis

"Writing and getting Rethink to publish the book allowed me complete freedom over the content and how I use it, which makes it superb for my business."

Karen Davis
Jonathan Hassell

"Rethink’s advice throughout made the book a beautiful, award-nominated, best-seller. I’d highly recommend them"

Jonathan Hassell
Jonathan Hemus

"Becoming a bestselling author would have been beyond my wildest dreams two years ago. Rethink’s support, guidance and professionalism have been the foundation for these achievements."

Jonathan Hemus
Angelica Morrone

"From the very beginning the team at Rethink Press were outstanding. Their tested procedures, professional attitude and timeliness were instrumental in the success of my book!"

Angelica Morrone
Simon Shepard

"For me the journey was tough. I am proud of what has been achieved and am grateful for the support of Rethink - they were a great navigator!"

Simon Shepard

Start at the beginning... Finish at book

You’re an expert, entrepreneur or leader with huge value to share

If you’re going to embark on a process of getting down your wealth of ideas onto the written page – then you want to work with the proven experts who’ve worked with countless authorities just like you.

Rethink doesn’t believe the myth. Not everyone has a book in them. And half the books that are written never get a single read. Don’t let your book be left on the shelf.

Our expert team get your inspired ideas written down. And then our publishing professionals make sure that when your book sees the light of day… It shines.

Your book is your best salesperson

Then it’s your moment

When your book is in your hands, you’ll feel its power.

Every single professional interaction is now improved by simply handing over your book.

Nothing introduces you to a new prospect like a book.

Nothing says a cut above the rest like a book.

Nothing closes the deal quite like a book.

And nothing makes it easier to like you – when someone likes your book.

Our Books

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Key Person of Influence
Key Person of Influence Daniel Priestley Find out more
The Leadership Vaccine
The Leadership Vaccine Rebecca Godfrey Ph.D. Find out more
Earn Your Stripes
Earn Your Stripes Neil Fachie OBE, Sir Chris Hoy Find out more
Closing The Gap
Closing The Gap Teresa Boughey Find out more
Leave it to Naasu
Leave it to Naasu Naasu Genevieve Fofanah Find out more
Healing After Heartbreak
Healing After Heartbreak Glin Bayley Find out more
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    Nothing sells you like a book... And no one builds your book like Rethink

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