How To Grow Your Law Firm

Being a lawyer is tough.

Running a profitable law firm is even tougher.

New technologies, transformation of the traditional industry structure, and a downward pressure on fees all affect business performance. To survive and prosper, medium sized law firms must adapt to an ever-changing environment. How To Grow Your Law Firm is a hands-on guide to help solicitors grow their practice while ensuring your clients are well-serviced, and your reputation is enhanced in the process.

Read this book and follow the 7-step Growth Blueprint to:

• Develop a client-centric, ethical marketing approach your clients will love

• Attract more clients, differentiate your firm, and improve profits

• Increase word-of-mouth referrals by delivering first-class service

• Become even more in-demand, responsive and reputable

• Simplify business development and free up more time to serve your clients

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