Safe 4 Retirement

The 4 keys to a safe retirement

Jack Tatar

This book takes a holistic approach to retirement for pre-retirees and retirees. Rather than just focusing on financial matters for retirement, this book explores the 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement: Financial Preparedness, Health & Wellness, Mental Attitude and Staying Involved!

Many people are thrust into retirement, ill-equipped to handle the various aspects of retirement, above and beyond just the financial matters!

When Jack Tatar lost both his retired mother and father in the course of six months, he heard all about how this can be a common occurrence among the elderly and retired.

As one of the world’s leading market researchers, Jack was used to asking “why?”

What he heard consistently through his research with retirees and their families was, “There’s plenty of books and materials about being financially prepared for retirement, but there aren’t books and resources that consider all of the aspects that are needed to consider when someone retires.

How to take care of their health? What to do with their free time? How to stay connected to friends and create more friends? How to stay positive when your family and friends are moving away and/or dying?

Ultimately, they need to understand how to create a safe retirement.”

This book is the result of the research, findings and experiences that led Jack to create a book that, as he says in the book’s dedication to his parents, “is a book that I wish they‘d been able to read before they died.”

It’s a book written for the person considering retirement, the person newly retired, or the person well into retirement, as well as for a friend or a child of any of these individuals.

The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement will help the reader to:

– Create a financial plan

– Manage your retirement income

– Understand the complexities of vital programs such as Medicare and Social Security

– Manage your health and learn how to eat healthy

– Recognize that exercise is no longer optional and how to make it part of your life

– Create a positive attitude that will lead to a longer life

– Learn to cope with the difficulties that will occur in retirement such as losing loved ones and being a caregiver

– Appreciate the opportunities for travel and volunteering

– How to use new technologies and social media to connect with others

– And so much more

It’s not just a book! It’s also a dynamic resource that includes full access to a companion website,, which provides the latest up to date, relevant information on retirement topics.

  • ISBN: 9780985082017
  • Published: September 2011

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