Pests to Peace

Military-grade pest control secrets

Mark Moseley

Whatever pest you are facing, you can win the battle.

Dealing with a stubborn pest infestation can take a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing, but Pests to Peace arms homeowners and business managers with all the tools they need to identify and eradicate pests for the long term.

Mark Moseley’s proven six-step process to beat infestations and live in peace is underpinned by a wealth of lessons learned while serving as a soldier and security specialist, and as a pest control expert. Packed with real-life case studies, this field manual for tackling pests will help you:

  • Establish whether you have a pest problem and what kind of enemy you are facing
  • Identify where the pest enters the premises and what attracts it
  • Take immediate action to gain control of the situation and contain the problem
  • Quickly implement the most effective long-term pest control solution
  • Win the war and live pest-free for life

  • ISBN: 9781781337424
  • Pages: 186
  • Published: February 2023
  • Price: £13.99

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