Persuasion Skills Black Book

Practical NLP language patterns for getting the response you want

Rintu Basu

How does it feel when you imagine using the right words to become irresistibly persuasive? Persuasion Skills Black Book is a manual for quickly learning some very powerful hypnotic language patterns that you can use in practical, real world situations. These patterns are not necessarily about sending people into a hypnotic trance but just a way to move you from one perspective on an issue to another. By the book’s end you will have the structures in place to make more money, attract more people and have more fun. Just some of the applications include:

• Managers – powerfully motivate your teams
• Leaders – inspire people to your vision
• Parents – protect and encourage your children
• Teachers – get your classes to commit to learning
• Coaches – build client confidence and commitment
• Sales Pros – obliterate objections and get to ‘yes’
• Marketers – boost your response with compelling copy
• Couples – strengthen and build your relationship
• Singles – attract and impress potential partners
• Employees – manage your boss and gain promotions
• Customers – get your complaints handled properly
• Service Staff – turn angry customers into best friends
• Job Seekers – ace interviews and win the job you want
• All of us – get more of what you want from life

  • ISBN: 9781905430543
  • Pages: 188
  • Published: February 2009
  • Price: £15

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