Dare to Share

Connect with the world and make a positive impact through the power of podcast guesting

Lou Hamilton

In a world full of noise, how can you get your voice heard?

Guesting on podcasts is a great way to do it, but first you need to get past the gatekeepers and create a consistent campaign that will keep bringing in the listeners without churning out the same content every time.

Dare to share your story in a focused and compelling way to connect with listeners globally on multiple podcasts, reach relevant audiences and make a positive impact as a credible, enlightening, inspiring and in-demand guest.

A guide to storytelling and podcast guesting for your business and brand, Dare To Share gives you the tools to:

• Identify your story’s most powerful elements: your past, passion, pain-points, purpose, peaks and possibilities for the future

• Research the right podcasts for you and pitch to them successfully

• Prepare for the podcast interview

• Bring your best self to the mic and tell your story, tailored to each particular audience

• Maximise your exposure and create a trail that transforms podcast audiences into new fans, followers and potential customers and clients

  • ISBN: 9781781336151
  • Published: August 2021
  • Price: £12.99

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