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Should Entrepreneur Authors Publish On The Cheap?

It's now easier than ever to get a book published and up for sale (though not necessarily selling) on Amazon. You don't even need to have a "real” book to be an author, thanks to Kindle. The barriers to entry for book publishing are all but gone, which in many ways is...

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Don’t get scammed with writing or publishing your book

It seems like every time I look on Facebook there’s another “promoted post” or sidebar ad offering to help me write and/or publish my “bestselling” book. Targeted ads obviously target me, because as a writer and publisher I post about and look at book-related stuff....

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How should I publish my business or self-help book?

There are currently three clear paths to getting a business or self-help book published: Traditional/legacy publishing Self-publishing Hybrid/supported publishing Each option has its pros and cons – here’s a quick summary of each. You’ll find more detail in our...

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Publish a book and become a Key Person of Influence

If you're going to take the plunge and write a book, rather than continuing to create content for free on blogs and social networks, you need to make the business case to yourself for putting in the time and effort. While I could list countless reasons why being a...

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Five Qualities A Great Editor Needs

I fell into editing by mistake. While I was taking a degree in English and Drama in Australia, planning to become an actor and writer, I fell in love with Australian theatre and, with two others, started a monthly national magazine. Aged 21, a Pom who hadn’t long been...

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Why We Don’t Sell Books in “Real” Bookshops

We are often asked if books we publish will be on sale in "real" bookshops. The answer is a bit complicated, so let us explain. All our books are listed with all the wholesalers and distributors that bricks-and-mortar bookshops use, as well as being published in the...

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Taking Great Author Headshots

    Every author needs a good, professional headshot to represent them to their readers in an accurate and positive way. Authors not only need an attractive and authoritative photo for the back cover and the author bio page of their book, they also need to...

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How To Write Back Cover Blurb For Your Non-Fiction Book

Some people argue that the front cover’s job is to sell the back cover and the back cover should sell the flap. At Rethink Press, we disagree. The front cover’s job is to sell the book. The back cover’s job is also to sell the book. If your...

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How To Brief A Cover Designer

Two things a self-publisher or indie author must have done professionally for their book are: a copy-edit, and a front cover (full jacket artwork for a printed book). The best way to brief a cover designer is do your research and communicate clearly. This is how we...

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How To Write A Business Book Pitch & Synopsis

If you are writing, or have written, a business or self-help book and want to interest a publisher or agent, you will need to write a Pitch and Synopsis. Every publisher and agent has their own submission requirements (usually on their website), so be sure to follow...

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