Listen to this podcast with Tom Evans, host of the Zoneshow, and Lucy McCarraher from Rethink Press.

Tom Evans is the host of the Zone Show. He started his professional career as an expert in broadcast technology. These days he is as surprised as anybody to be on the other side of the microphone and camera. Lucy McCarraher, is the Managing Editor of Rethink Press, an author, author’s mentor, Key Person of Influence and hybrid publisher.

In the podcast Lucy explains how publishing a book opens doors for entrepreneurs. Topics include:

  • How Lucy found her way into media by accident
  • Becoming a work-life balance expert
  • Opening doors to corporate work
  • Changing your profile by publishing a book
  • Why it’s worth entering writing competitions
  • You are never too old to get published
  • The state of play of publishing today
  • The advent of hybrid publishing
  • The cost of book publishing is an investment in marketing
  • ‘Re-thinking’ the world for authors and readers
  • The process of getting the book inside you, out of you
  • The process of writing is great for self-development
  • The art of ‘booksmithing’
  • The near-future of publishing
  • The ‘thud factor’ of a printed book
  • Creating books that sell authors

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