Leadership Coach Helen Packham ran an online conference featuring interviews with hand-picked leaders and experts who she considered revolutionary and evolutionary. ‘They change our perceptions, show us new ways of doing things and create a better life for future generations.’

They know that vanity metrics and reaching random income levels aren’t the goal, but creating an impact and legacy are the way to true success and happiness.

Lucy McCarraher is the Managing Editor of Rethink Press, Founder of the Business Book Awards, and Publish Mentor of the Key Person of Influence programme. She has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to plan, write and publish their books.

She is the author of 11 books herself – three novels and seven non-fiction books, including How To Write Your Book Without The Fuss – and Managing Editor of Rethink Press, which has published over 300 niche business and self-development books.

Here’s Lucy’s talk: Positioning yourself as a leader – The book that changed your life.


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