Olivier van Duuren left a high-powered job at the top of Microsoft to set up his own business. Almost his first step was to write his book, The Dualarity. He worked with and published with Rethink Press to create an excellent and professional book that would represent him and his new business to his high level prospects, clients and potential partners. Olivier says:

I had had the idea of writing a book for many years; I wanted to share my view of the world and my experiences, and I thought writing one in support of my new business The Dualarity would be an excellent idea.

There was so much to learn: the process of writing and what it means to write a book that people will want to read. Every single ‘free’ minute went into writing and researching. Everything I saw, read and heard, I thought about how it would fit in my book. Covering a subject I am so passionate about which is in constant change made it challenging, but so rewarding.

Planning and writing my book forced me to structure my thinking and that helped me to structure my business. Working with Rethink Press led me to the Key Person of Influence programme and Azrights Intellectual Property Lawyers and Solicitors – all of whose networks I have been able to use to leverage my book and business.

In simple terms:

  • My book became my business

  • The name of my book became the name of my business

  • I re-use my book content to publish content on all my social and external platforms

Impact, Income and Influence

Some results that I’ve had since the launch of my book and company, The Dualarity, on 22 September 2016 – less than 6 months, include:

  • 150,000 Euros income from public speaking, executive whispering and book sales.

  • 38 public speaking gigs: small to large events, boards of directors, start-ups, universities/students … in five different countries.

  • Invited to speak at DES2017 in Madrid, the world’s leading international event (18,000 people) on digital transformation aimed at CEOs, CIOs, CMOs and HR departments, joined by the most innovative cutting-edge technology companies.

  • Working with customers like Deloitte, The Conference Board (ABB, Heineken, UCB, Philips… ), Microsoft, Ministry of Finance, CIONet

  • Blogs published on my own channels and on www.Bloovi.be (Be), www.digeratimag.com (Australia) , www.speakersassociates.com (global out of UK), www.speakersbase.com (Benelux) and #DES2017 platform

  • LinkedIn followers have gone from 320 followers before launch to 5000+ followers today

If you would like to speak to Rethink Press about getting your book planned, written and/or published to gain impact, income and influence, please email roger@rethinkpress.com

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