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How Your Book Can Become Your Business

Olivier van Duuren left a high-powered job at the top of Microsoft to set up his own business. Almost his first step was to write his book, The Dualarity. He worked with and published with Rethink Press to create an excellent and professional book that would represent...

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Should Entrepreneur Authors Publish On The Cheap?

It's now easier than ever to get a book published and up for sale (though not necessarily selling) on Amazon. You don't even need to have a "real” book to be an author, thanks to Kindle. The barriers to entry for book publishing are all but gone, which in many ways is...

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Quick and easy ways to do book market research

If you’ve decided to write your business or self-help book, you will need to do some research to find out if there’s a readership for your book. Making sure there’s a market is important, but it can be done fast with cost-free and easily available tools. Tracking...

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Mapping out your book

Everybody has different ways of planning, plotting and manipulating information. So when you start planning the content and structure of your book, you should choose methods that play to your strengths. Most people work with one main, or two particularly strong...

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Finding Your Book’s Market

Having an idea for the business or self-help book you want to write is a great start but you also need to be sure there’s a readership for your book, however niche, so it can increase your impact, income and influence. Here are some tips to ensure you have identified...

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How to Create a Brilliant Book Title

Your book’s title is probably the single most important thing to consider at the initial ideas stage. Some publishers may want to change it, but your title (even when pitching to publishers) says a lot about you, your position and your book’s chances. Never...

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How to Create a Winning Book Idea

Are you one of those lucky people who wake up with a new idea for a book every morning? If so, you can use the checklists, tools and self-tests that follow to review your ideas and pick the one most likely to connect with your perfect audience. If, though, like many...

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