Woman Reinvented – By Cyndy Whitlock

If the fabric of your existence has been torn by divorce, Woman Reinvented will show you how to reinvent yourself and build an exciting new life.

The REINVENT approach can help you survive and thrive following late-in-life divorce. It will help you evaluate your relationship, rediscover your sense of self, and rekindle your enthusiasm. Your energetic engagement with this process will empower you to face your past, find stability in your present, and propel the new You into the future you have always wanted.

Read Woman Reinvented to help you:

  • Face the unvarnished truth about yourself and identify emotions that hold you back
  • Understand what may have harnessed you to an unhealthy relationship and how to overcome it
  • Discover how to create space for personal growth and rejuvenated self-esteem
  • Master self-nurturing skills to prepare for a bright future
  • Revive your social network and foster positive connections
  • Envision and enact a new You
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