Watch Me Grow by Ashley Low


Babies experience so many precious moments in their first year of life. Simple things such as taking their first step, laughing in their sleep, or their first time sitting up are events to be treasured.

WATCH ME GROW shows you how to capture your baby’s growth journey with photos that look both professional and beautiful.

This book will give you the skills and confidence to enjoy photographing your baby while creating a priceless record you and your family will cherish for generations to come

Written for parents or parents-to-be, this lavishly illustrated guidebook will show you how to:

  • Compose professional quality photographs
  • Successfully light and set up your photoshoot
  • Make the most of non-professional equipment
  • Create DIY props and dress your home‘set’
  • Present and share your photos at their best
  • Avoid the errors that lead to photos that are too dark, blurred or just unsatisfactory
  • Learn about your baby’s growth stages to anticipate and capture their best moments

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