Use Your Brain Raise Your Game by Mark Bowden

What sets the very best footballers apart from the rest?

 It’s not about ability but about being able to perform at your peak level consistently.

You train your ability regularly, but do you leave your form down to ‘luck’ and simply hope you have a good game?

Thanks to developments in our understanding of how the brain works, you can now effectively train to improve your form by conditioning your thoughts and behaviour in all aspects of your life. This engages the parts of the brain that enable you to perform consistently on the football pitch.

Using Mark’s proven BECOME method, you can stop relying on luck, and easily and effectively:

  • Raise your confidence and self-belief
  • Sharpen your motivation and drive
  • Make better decisions, more quickly
  • Perform consistently throughout the season
  • Bring tackling, passing, shooting and every part of your game to a whole new level

It’s time to get the edge. It’s time to Use Your Brain and Raise Your Game.

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