Too Big for Your Boots – by Liv Conlon

As a then 16-year-old with no start-up funds, no experience, and no track record, Liv built a multi-million-pound business & multi-award winning personal brand in her teens, won the coveted UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, has interviewed some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs on her podcast and was invited to dinner with the Prime Minister, all before the age of 21.

Liv is leading the next generation on how to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and blaze their own trail. She has helped countless others build profitable personal brands that champion profit with purpose.

And now it’s your turn.

Too Big For Your Boots is the ultimate how-to guide on how to build a wildly successful business and thriving personal brand.

Regardless of your age, current circumstance or starting point, you’ll be able to:

• Follow the proven roadmap of success to launch your business with the 6 Key Fundamentals

• Launch a purpose-driven brand that instantly stands out in your industry

• Develop a next-level mindset and confidence to overcome limiting beliefs

• Leverage your brand story and employ it as your superpower

• Go from unknown to the leading authority in your industry

No matter what age you choose to start a business, this book covers everything you need to succeed in today’s world. Step outside your comfort zone, share your story and take action…it will truly change your life.

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