Thrive Don’t Just Survive by Karen Ingram

Are you one of the many skilled therapists or fitness instructors who went into business to share your passion for what you do and to help other people?

Do you struggle to attract clients, earn a living wage and manage your time?

Are you surviving, rather than thriving, in business?

In THRIVE Karen Ingram shares the secret of how you can combine your talent and passion for what you do with simple and effective business tools to make being in business a joy. She outlines some of the common pitfalls that therapists and fitness instructors fall prey to when starting out in business and takes you through 5 clear steps to get your business healthy, happy and thriving.

As you read this book and work through the DO! Exercises you will learn to:

  • Change your MINDSET to value what you do and start thinking like a business person
  • MAP your business so you know exactly where you are going, how much you will earn and how your working week will look
  • MONETISE your business so that you can make a good living doing what you love
  • Effectively MARKET your business to attract a steady flow of paying clients
  • MANAGE your business so that it is enjoyable and scalable!

Whether you are a Pilates or Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist, Osteopath or Acupuncturist, you too can learn the secret of running a profitable and happy lifestyle business when you read this book.

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