The Video Effect by Nigel Camp

With all signs pointing to a continued exponential growth of online video content, there is huge potential for businesses to engage creatively with new audiences. If your business has top-quality, unique and inspiring videos on its website and social media, it will stand out from the crowd. Creating an effective video requires skill, resources and good planning. Whether your business decides to produce its own content or hire a production company, video enables businesses to compete in a space once dominated by larger corporations. Now, video provides an opportunity for smaller businesses to create their own ‘adverts’ that can be broadcast freely across the globe, and shared easily by the click of a button.

The Video Effect explains why it is imperative that your business makes full use of the potential of video; it shows you how to create quality content and what pitfalls to avoid. With professional advice on production techniques, equipment, storyboarding and content sharing, The Video Effect will help set your business on a course to improved sales and a unique brand identity.

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