The Time of Your Life – by Karen Davis

Midlife women are the fastest growing demographic in the world, we are the fastest growing workforce in the UK and we control 67% of all household spend. But, society often sees midlife women as “over the hill” and unattractive while major brands and broadcasters simply ignore us. These years can be the most challenging of our lives with health issues, divorce, the menopause, empty nest adjustments, and losing loved ones being very real challenges.

Written, with experts, to help women over 40 to live these years brilliantly, The Time Of Your Life is your ultimate guide to living midlife well.

Read this book to understand how to…

  • Get yourself in great physical and mental shape for midlife
  • Start building your financial security, even if you think it’s too late
  • Deal with the new emotional challenges coming your way
  • Activate your superpowers for good in this world
  • Build a life you are, finally, happy with and live it with confidence
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