The Tao of Wealth and Prosperity – by Alex Galvin

Money allows us to realise our ambitions and live life on our own terms. While too little can make life a struggle, even a lot can be detrimental if it’s not invested wisely. If you want to be in the best position to achieve your financial goals, you need a trusted financial advisor.

This book is the trusted financial advisor in your pocket. It will help you put your finances into perspective and explains how to make your money work for you, so you can realise your goals and live life the way you want to. Read The Tao of Wealth and Prosperity to:

• Find out how to prioritise your expenditure and manage a budget to enjoy your current lifestyle

• Discover how to make prudent financial decisions by establishing financial and lifestyle goals

• Learn how to structure your personal insurances to protect your family, welfare and livelihood

• Understand the principles of investing, so that you can profit from periods of economic growth while protecting your investments during economic downturns

• Become aware of ways to minimise tax and grow your superannuation balance to make the most of retirement

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