The Success Equation – by Karen Carter, Marylin Love and Fiona Wilkinson

The Success Equation reveals the three vital principles to put you on the fast track to achieving your leadership goals. It presents a proven and robust five-step approach to solving business problems, conquering challenges and improving your ways of working.

Distilled from decades of experience and diverse methodologies, this book provides practical guidance, tangible examples and user-friendly resources that will help you accelerate success and radically improve team working.

This practical and accessible book will enable you to:

  • Clearly describe what you are trying to achieve
  • Build momentum by actively engaging the right people
  • Plan work to drive continuous learning
  • Consistently and rapidly meet the needs of your customers
  • Make a difference to the people who work for you

Once you discover The Success Equation, you will use it over and over again to drive repeatable, predictable and sustainable business improvement.

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