The Sales Accelerator – by Yamini Virani

It’s Time To Accelerate Your Sales Performance

The Sales Accelerator provides practical strategies for the CEO or senior executive in charge of launching a new division of their international company in a new country to improve sales performance and meet their sales targets in a short time frame. This book gives you a proven step-by-step approach to translate your boardroom sales strategy into front line execution, get marketing and sales speaking the same language, and sell in a way that aligns with how your buyers want to buy. You will also learn how to turn your sales force and sales leadership into your competitive advantage, build sales agility, and coach for performance while keeping your customer at the heart of sales.

Read The Sales Accelerator to…

  • Translate your boardroom sales strategy into practical frontline performance
  • Quickly build a high potential sales team in a new country or environment
  • Turn your marketing investment into sales revenue to meet aggressive targets
  • Build sales teams that can learn and adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment
  • Unearth the untapped potential in your sales leaders and teams to gain a competitive edge

If you want a no-nonsense approach to accelerating your sales performance, based on working knee deep with CEOs, sales executives, sales leaders and reps at all levels, this book is a must read.

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