The Power Of You – by Hannah Power

All over the world, in every industry and every niche, there are people who are sharing their knowledge, having an impact, attracting opportunities and living in ‘flow’. They are building strong businesses and strong careers while having a positive impact on the world around them. These people are Powerful Leaders, and you can be one of them.

When building a personal brand people aren’t looking for another coach, another founder, another expert; they are looking for someone to believe in, someone to be inspired by, someone to learn from and someone to follow.

The Power of You will help you to:

• Gain clarity on your purpose and your niche, that ‘one thing’ that you want to be known for
• Identify and understand your audience, the people that you want to inspire, teach and attract
• Create a clear, powerful message which connects and engages with your audience
• Build a strong content and social media strategy to enable you to bring your brand to life
• Gain the tools and techniques you need to increase your productivity and efficiency to enable you to ‘find the time’ to build your brand

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