The Posture Principles by Dr Mark Wade & Dr Krista Burns

If you are a healthcare professional interested in taking your practice to the next level, while getting predictable postural correction results, then The Posture Principles is for you.

In this book you will discover why posture, the structural framework of your body, is vital to optimal health. You will uncover how to assess and correct posture with a revolutionary postural correction approach.

  • Discover how poor posture and the overuse of technology is causing postural decline
  • Learn how to instantly validate all posture analyses with Posture Imaging
  • Discover Alignment, Balance, and Core Control exercises to improve Postural Fitness
  • Learn how to implement the proven 3-component Postural Correction system of spinal alignment, posture rehabilitation, and posture habit re-education

The Posture Principles is a must-have guide for all healthcare professionals who want a proven system for achieving long-term postural correction results. With this valuable information you can position yourself as the go-to posture expert in your community while helping your patients transform their health.

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