The Mother and The Therapist by Else Vistisen

We would all love to do what we are passionate about and to feel free to be who we are.

With numerous personal challenges and successful ventures behind her, occupational therapist, tutor, author and mother Else Strom Vistisen reveals the influences that have allowed her to become an exceptional pain-relief therapist. In The Mother and The Therapist, Else tells her story from the viewpoints of a mother – and what her family life has taught her; and a therapist – her professional development through varying techniques.

Else shows how:

  • Determination and perseverance helped her reach her goals
  • Listening to your intuition brings massive benefits
  • Holding true to your values is vitally important
  • Unconventional thinking can bring great results
  • Empathic listening and adaptation to clients’ needs bring positive outcomes.

Else Strom Vistisen is an occupational therapist specialising in chronic pain relief for acute and long-lasting pain issues. At age six weeks her daughter was diagnosed with an apparently incurable disease and lifelong suffering. Since that day Else has devoted her life to bringing the joy of a pain-free, fulfilling life to thousands of clients worldwide.

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