The Mind Age by Leeann Naidoo

Have you ever wondered about the future?

How will you survive and thrive in a world that is changing exponentially? How will you live the life of your dreams on a planet whose population is increasing, whose landmass is decreasing, whose natural resources are almost depleted, and whose food and water supplies are becoming less than adequate? How will you still succeed? How will you raise children who can make a difference? How will you lead organisations and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves? these are not the problems for business, governments and scientists to come up with solutions for: we each have a role to play.

  1. Based on extensive research, personal, and business experience, The Mind Age reveals Leeann Naidoo’s personal story and provides: Neuroscience principles from leading scientists and thought leaders on how to leverage the power of the brain
  2. Simple but effective techniques to harness a powerful mind-set
  3.  A practical but impactful guide on how to master your infinite mind for success.

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