The Leadership Vaccine – by Rebecca Godfrey Ph.D.


You are driven by innovation and the desire to progress scientifically or technologically to bring much needed, often life changing, solutions to the customers you serve. At the same time, you need to maintain strict compliance with complex and ever-changing regulations.

Leading in this environment is tough. You can feel forced into a permanent reactive state, constantly playing catch up, working with stretched resources, while balancing a multitude of conflicting priorities.

So, do you have to come to terms with remaining in this highly reactive state? Do you have to continue to find this balance a struggle, or is there something you can do differently?

Read The Leadership Vaccine to learn how you can drive innovation,
increase efficiency and build resilience in your organisation by:

  • Developing aligned, focused and motivated teams
  • Clarifying the role, responsibilities and function of each team
  • Distributing control to ensure you are making the best use of the resources you have available
  • Supporting team members to continuously improve themselves, their processes and their outputs
  • Enabling teams to develop robust, end-to-end, future-proofed processes with enhanced oversight
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