The Last Dollar – Phil Taylor-Guck

There’s no such thing as economic stability, whatever politicians and economists tell you. Few people realise – or care to acknowledge – that we are poised on the brink of yet another financial crisis, which could be worse than any we’ve seen to date. Global debt is out of control, and the authorities have used up all their ammunition solving the last financial crisis.

Taking centre stage in the impending catastrophe is the dollar, the focal point of the global monetary system; but the so-called ‘Mighty Greenback’ is not anywhere near as mighty as it once was.

In The Last Dollar, Phil Taylor-Guck examines how the next financial crisis could take the dollar down and the rest of the global economy with it. He shares:

  • An analysis of how state-run, short-term, monetary policies and globalization have put the world’s economy under pressure
  • Insights into how trade wars and burgeoning global debt are diminishing the value of the dollar
  • A revealing glimpse at countries making behind-the-scenes moves to distance themselves from the US currency
  • A case for a new gold standard to provide a viable alternative to the dollar
  • Recommendations for reducing exposure to the dollar in your investment portfolio
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