The Innovation Ecosystem by Mok O’Keeffe

How to Turbocharge Innovation in Your Business

Taking inspiration and insight from the world’s most innovative organisations, The Innovation Ecosystem identifies the four elements they all share, providing you with a step-by-step guide to doing it in your business. When you read this book you will understand how organisations such as Google and IKEA continue to innovate and grow.

You will also discover how to:

  • Set a clear innovation strategy that aligns to your business objectives
  • Inspire your leadership team to encourage, enable and reward innovation
  • Measure innovation and put structures and processes in place to ensure it is protected from ‘business as usual’
  • Turn employees into innovators by giving them the tools, knowledge and space to innovate

This book is a must-read for business leaders who want to understand how to unlock the creative potential of their people and deliver sustainable innovation in their business.

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