The Great Stagflation – by Phil Taylor-Guck

The Covid-19 pandemic presented the biggest world crisis for generations, upending our daily lives and routines. Even as we have started looking forward to a better future once more, the worst may yet be to come.

While few politicians and economists like to admit it, all signs point towards an unprecedented financial crisis, the most dangerous economic phenomenon of them all: stagflation. Caused by the worst possible macro-economic combo – rising unemployment and high inflation – it’s a scenario that, until recently, experts insisted cannot happen. You need to prepare. Read The Great Stagflation to:

  • Understand the who, what, why and when of stagflation
  • Learn why the response offered by successive governments and economists is flawed and will not work
  • Face up to the scale of the problem and its impact on every aspect of our lives
  • Formulate a strategy not just to survive in this new, hostile financial environment, but to thrive
  • Avoid costly mistakes and investments that will expose you to more risk
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