The Future is Freelance by Kirsty Hulse

Discovering the Power and Possibilities of Flexible Working

If there is one thing that Kirsty Hulse claims to have in common with Winston Churchill, Frida Kahlo and Isaac Newton, it is that she does her best work in bed.

Technology has revolutionised the world of work so that we no longer need to be at work to get work done. A desire to be freelance, and to work remotely, has crept into our collective consciousness, and no amount of of?ce beanbags is going to change that. Whether you work for yourself, would like to, or have a team of employees to keep happy, embracing independent, remote working has incredible power to make you actually enjoy your working life.

The ongoing shift to normalising ?exible working is not only a cultural one, but a logistical one. Packed with personal, funny and often eye-opening stories of Kirsty’s own journey, this book will help you:

  • Develop a routine and rhythm to keep you, or your team, productive and motivated
  • Manage the fear and mitigate the stresses of being your own boss
  • Create a structure for developing remote teams and in?nitely scale your potential
  • Convince and reassure you that absolutely nobody has any idea what’s going on

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