The Facts Of Live by Will Glendinning

Art is just art, sport just sport, a message just a message, products just products and music mere music – until you add an audience.

Then you’re in the business of theatre – also known as live events.

In The Facts Of Live Will Glendinning distils over twenty years’ experience with almost every type of live event. Whether you’re in the sport, entertainment, arts, marketing, communication, government or the not-for-profit business, creating the most value and impact with a live event, pavilion or exhibition starts at the beginning – with its genesis, the foundations that underpin it, and key principles: The Facts Of Live.

  • If you are looking to procure or outsource your event or exhibition, start by reading The Facts Of Live
  • If you are looking to improve or build your own in-house professional event or exhibition team or organisation, start by reading The Facts Of Live
  • If you are an agency looking to improve or develop how you professionally produce events or exhibitions, start by reading The Facts Of Live

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