The Dualarity by Olivier Van Duüren

Tap Into the Energy of Your Personal and Business Transformation

Drawing on Olivier Van Duüren’s extensive global experience at the cutting edge of one of the world’s most successful companies, The Dualarity provides a comprehensive overview of what is happening around you and the implications. It shows you how to energise your future and transform with sparkle as an individual and as a business. It could mean the difference between spreading your wings and learning to fly, or being left behind.

Read this book to:

  • Understand the trends leading to massive automationof jobs and market disruption on an epic scale
  • Gain the insight, exibility and energy necessary toperform while transforming personally and professionally
  • Discover your Dualarity Fitness level so you can avoid the threats and capitalize on the opportunities
  • Master the Dualarity Quadrants and quickly adapt your behaviour to survive and thrive

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