Stuffed by Fadela Hilali

Do you eat for comfort?

Do you have a history of dieting?

Do you wish you could control yourself around food?

I wrote STUFFED just for you.

In the first of the Stuffed series, I help you explore the complex relationship between your beliefs, emotional habits and food. After reading this book, you will have all the practical insights you need to clearly see and break the comfort of the long established emotional patterns, habits and beliefs that keep holding you back. I draw on my extensive experience with clients and my own emotional eating journey to guide you on the path of feeling Stuffed.

There is no calorie-counting in this book, no smoothie recipes or airyfairy rituals. Whether you are a woman or a man, a seasoned dieter, an overeater, a worrier or just ‘good’ on weekdays, you are holding the tools you need to overcome emotional eating once and for all.

Stuffed is a state of mind that keeps you feeling good.

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