Start With You by Rebecca Miller

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship.

Embracing this fact is the first step to taking back ownership and responsibility for ourselves and our most important relationships. In a humorous and self-deprecating way, Rebecca Miller sets the scene and asks the questions that will help you to:

  • Accept that no person, and no relationship, is perfect, and why that’s OK
  • Recognise the themes, habits and patterns that commonly show up in your thinking and behaviours, and how to change them for the better
  • Identify the different needs we all have and how you can choose to meet them through deliberate intent rather than unconscious habit
  • Understand what is really going on behind what people say and do so you can communicate more effectively
  • Embrace the importance of putting your own needs first and how, when you feel better in yourself, you make better choices
  • Develop the knowledge, skill and willingness to make different choices in how to look after your own well-being so you can experience more fulfilling relationships

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