Start Differently by Richard Bois and Gloria Hunter

Why are some leaders able to INSPIRE THEIR PEOPLE and GET THINGS DONE, while others fail?

What differentiates PROJECTS THAT DELIVER RESULTS from projects that are a waste of time and resources? How are some managers able to DELIVER CLEAR PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS AND SPEECHES that excite and empower their audience, while others cause confusion, boredom and demotivation?

Can a simple 5-step process really MOVE YOUR TEAM FROM CONFLICT TO COOPERATION AND LEAD THEM TO SUCCESS, even in the most difficult circumstances?

The answer is yes! The Richard Bois Concept described in this book provides you with a proven 5-step process and toolkit which will make your life as manager much easier. Display strong leadership in times of ambiguity, doubt and lack of direction! Learn not to overwhelm people with objectives and START your projects DIFFERENTLY!

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