Social Media for Baby Boomers by Sandra D’Souza

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr…

Do you feel you should be on social media but can’t get your head around it like the younger generation? That you’ve left it too late to use modern technology to your personal or professional advantage? If you want to get into social media and keep pace with technology for your career or business, then this book is for you. Written in jargon-free language by a mature professional for mature professionals, it explains:

  • The right platforms for your business or brand
  • Clear frameworks to create your ideal online profile
  • Handy tips for setting up on social media
  • Smart strategies for easy maintenance
  • Current trends and how to be part of them.

Sandra D’Souza started her professional life as an accountant and has cultivated 20 years’ worth of professional experience both in Sydney and London where she founded Curate Bee Digital in 2012. She found ways to use digital platforms to create social influence for her clients. She lives in Sydney with her husband and daughter. Connect with Sandra at

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