Sleeping Blissfully by Jerry Cheshire


Does it feel like you never have a good night’s sleep? Do you struggle to focus and get through your workload? Are you often grumpy, irritable, and craving energy boosts? Or maybe you just don’t sleep well and wake up feeling like a zombie.

How would you like to wake up every day feeling well rested, fully energised and at the top of your game?

To be the high performing, blissful sleeper you know you can be?


Gain an hour a day by sleeping deeper instead of longer, with the ‘90-minute rule’

Measure and tweak your sleep to improve your health, performance and relationships

Confidently select the perfect bed and mattress without breaking the bank

Make sleep play a dominant role in your ‘sleep, exercise, nutrition’ wellbeing triangle

Wake each day feeling fully rested and recharged after a blissful night’s sleep

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