Secret Skill, Hidden Career by Paul Owen


This book will show you how learning to sell will improve your career prospects.

Sales skills are the secret to many successful careers and a passport for many to the life they want to lead. Yet too many people never consider learning how to sell. This is a scandal, as is the fact that sales skills are not taught in our education system, nor even when we start work. Secret Skill, Hidden Career aims to solve this problem and improve your career whatever job you do now or wish to do in the future.

Written by an expert in sales skills who has trained thousands of people to be better at selling, this book reveals:

  • The 3 popular myths about sales that turn people away from learning it
  • 4 steps to successful sales conversations that focus on listening, not talking
  • The 5 key attributes of all successful communicators
  • 10 reasons why you should make sales a core skill for career success
  • How 15 exceptional business leaders applied this secret skill to achieve success

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