Sales Glue by Matt Sykes

Sales Glue: The Vital Ingredient That Makes Sales Success Stick

You might be able to sell, but do you know how to sell unconsciously?

How many opportunities are you missing because you haven’t yet mastered the link between sales and psychology?

What essential mental, emotional and behavioural traits make an outstanding sales achiever and how can you develop them?

How would it feel to be able to create unconscious sales competence so that sales success became inevitable?

Written for those in sales who are seeking to progress, Sales Glue is packed with over 30 proven sales tips, improvement strategies and advice from some of the very best from the world of Performance Improvement and Selling. Read and apply what’s inside this transformational book to:

  • Understand the direct link between how you think and how to sell
  • Harness the way your brain naturally functions to nd more prospects
  • Leap beyond just building rapport and learn how to really inuence
  • Set ‘smart’ goals that lead to totally bankable sales results
  • Lock onto a proven sales process to transform your results for good

This book is your first step towards finding the vital ingredient that allows sales skills to stick and makes selling success a habit.

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