Rhetorica by Scott Keyser

A toolkit of 21 everyday writing techniques

n. the art of persuasive writing techniques.

Words can inspire, excite, anger, disgust, seduce, hurt, heal, arouse, enrich, connect. Words express our thoughts, feelings and ideas. If we can’t share them with others or make them come true, they might as well not exist. They’re merely cells in the Shooting stars on the head of a pin.

If you want to make your writing stand out build a rapport with your reader write clear, concise, compelling prose draft faster dramatise your writing get better results from the written word . . . then you need to buy this book.

SCOTT KEYSER is one of the UK’s top writing skills trainers. He works mainly with national dissected what the best writers on the planet do and made it accessible to everyone. Scott’s mission is to show people how easy it is to write well and that doing so is neither a black  art nor an innate gift, but a learnable skill.


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