Renewing by Ruth Magdala

“As a GP I was an expert at half-reading books, but Ruth’s story gripped me from start to finish. She writes truthfully with witty honesty about her unusual life journey from UK to USA and back again. With her gift of great compassion, without self-pity, she made many lifelong friends at every stage. She does not hide the emotional trauma and pain she suffered along the way. I am not an emotional person but I confess to crying at times while reading it. “Hers is also a spiritual journey. In everyday language she describes an awareness of God and her own reactions to Him. Varying from rebellion against stifling convention found in aspects of her childhood; passing through a happy hippie phase with joys and tears, her humour often had me belly laughing. She turned her back on God at times, but describes tentative, risky steps towards Him, enjoying the reality of seeking, finding and following Him – not without further surprising adventures. I warmly recommend this book.” – Dr R G Rowland BM BCh, MRCGP

“Often in life things happen to us that can shape how we see the world and how we respond. From the very start Ruth lets us read about the most extraordinary experiences that have taken place in her life and how her faith has been shaped, and has shaped her life. Her words are an inspiration on how to face life and how having a faith can help and hinder but ultimately inspire us.” – Revd Canon Peter Wells, Lead Chaplain, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, NHS Trust At only 20, Ruth Magdala left England for a year’s adventure which stretched into nearly a quarter of a century.

She lived in America during the 60s, 70s and 80s, experiencing cultural, social and moral turbulence. Returning to her native land she worked in nursing and pastoral care, interspersed with a few more adventures, before settling into contented retirement – content except for missing her children and grandchildren who all live in the States. She has written her small story in tribute to the One who has written His story on the heart of humanity.

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