Radio Secrets – by David Lloyd

What makes a successful presenter?

How do you attract and engage your audience?

How can you distinguish yourself to enjoy lasting success?

How do you ensure your programme or podcast chimes with audiences in an ever more competitive world?

Drawing on his forty years in radio and on fresh interviews with the leaders in their fields, David Lloyd shares tricks of the trade, and offers advanced insight into listener behaviour, illustrated with rich examples. Radio Secrets is a comprehensive guide to contemporary presentation and production techniques in all formats, from writing to delivery, across radio and podcasting.

Read this book and gain insights into:

  • Tight contemporary music presentation
  • Generating the most engaging talk content
  • Developing authenticity and likeability
  • Handling double-acts, callers and contests
  • Understanding the audience and keeping them listening

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned performer, Radio Secrets is essential reading.

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