Process to Profit by Marianne Page

Business is all about relationships.

Forget B2B and B2C, business is all about P2P. It is those strong, trusted relationships – with your customers, your people and your suppliers, that will deliver sustainable growth. That trust is built over time, and it all starts with you: …with your ability to articulate your passion and inspire those around you to join your ’cause’; …with your insistence on hiring only those people who share your values and beliefs, and; …with the consistency and reliability you build into your business, through simple process and effective systems. Passion + People + Process = A great customer experience. It also equals increased turnover, reduced costs, improved profit, and a business set for long-term growth.

This book will show you how process and systems can dramatically increase your revenue and reduce your costs, by supporting your people and making you both consistent, and easy to do business with. It will also show you how you can gain personally, by having: More CONTROL of every area of your operation; More TIME to work on your business not in it, and; More PROFIT to grow the business you always dreamed of.

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