Positive Leaders, Positive Change – by Graham Keen

How, in challenging times, can corporate leaders protect profits and keep their plans for growth on track, while protecting the synergy between business and people-valuing goals?

Corporate leaders need an edge – not just to survive, but to triumph over issues and come out on top, especially when staff resilience and engagement are being tested.

In recent years psychology has spectacularly transformed our ability to improve business and personal resilience, individual performance, and corporate results. Positive Leaders, Positive Change explains evidence-based strategies and techniques that will deliver lasting change, secure the stability and growth of your organisation, and boost your career, happiness and power to help in the world.

Learn how to deploy the five drivers of standout high-performance cultures:

  • Hone your staff into Extraordinary Performers who deliver at their full potential
  • Embed Courageous Accountability to promptly address issues and tough choices
  • Win Emotional Engagement and discretionary effort that flows straight to your bottom line
  • Transform your managers into Positive Leaders who inspire true followership
  • Shape your business’s leadership style, behavioural values and engagement into the ethos that achieves Exceptional Outcomes
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