Pioneering Professional by Ali Stewart and Dr Derek S Biddle

Self-directing skills for life

What makes high fliers fly? Are you curious about what really successful people do? Do you wonder how some people become very successful very quickly and still seem to have a great life outside work? Others, who work very hard, struggle to achieve this same kind of success.

Research suggests that success isn’t down to having a high IQ, it has more to do with your EQ – Emotional Intelligence – which is being savvy about the way you relate to others and yourself. It was found the most successful people have an underlying attitude and 7 key skills, which anyone can learn!

Discover the self-directing skills for life and become a high flier in your field by:

  • Adopting the fundamental Attitude and 7 Key Skills of highly successful people
  • Influencing and negotiating better than you’ve ever done before
  • Managing your workload, your stress levels and your manager!
  • Busting through the common time wasters which catch you out every time
  • Creating your own powerful career plan for success

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