Own It by Sandra Webber

If you want to make positive changes in your professional or personal life this book is for you.

You may be at a career crossroads, lacking direction, struggling in a new job, or wanting to make a change. Perhaps you’re getting fantastic results but know you could do better. Or maybe you lead others who are facing challenges and you want a simple approach to help and inspire them.

Own It will introduce you to Sandra Webber’s simple, yet powerful, 4-step GAME framework which will give you the power to set big goals, maintain motivation and take consistent action.

Read this book and complete the practical exercises to:

  • Reclaim control of your life and find the power to move ahead
  • Align with your purpose to achieve meaningful results
  • Improve your motivation and energy levels every day
  • Identify and connect with people who inspire you
  • Make a positive difference in your life and the life of others

Don’t just raise your GAME. OWN IT!

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