No Man’s Land and Other Places by Muriel Bol

Muriel Bol’s voyages through war torn Lapland and Norway begin in 1951, and are followed by several weeks in communist Yugoslavia during the era of Marshal Tito. The third journey is the most arduous, and at times precarious, as Muriel makes her way along the coast of the Anatolian Kingdom in the autumn of 1954. Muriel’s travelogues provide an insight into a past era of travel and exploration.

Her adventurous and intrepid spirit ensures that each journey is filled with intriguing encounters and sharp observation. Her photographic recall brings even minor details into the mind’s eye during this interesting period of European history. Countries are recovering from two world wars; communism is making its presence felt; and travel is still often an adventure in itself. A woman travelling alone is seen as a curiosity, and by some small communities Muriel is perceived as a threat to their traditions and way of life.

Muriel Bol’s previous book The Poisoned Spy was based on her time working for British Military Intelligence counter espionage after the Second World War.

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